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The application of the quality rules in all our production processes is the guarantee that we offer a healthy, natural, top-quality product.



The Rule IFS (International Food Standard) is essential so the company can be accepted as a provider of the distribution companies and department stores of France and Germany.

This Rule started being created in 2002 when the Federal Union of the German Association and Distribution (BDH) and the French Trade and Distribution Federation (FDC) developed this Rule under the protection of the Global Food Safety Initiative. The goal of this is similar to BRC, which is to create standard regulations for all supermarket providers.




GlobalGAP is a group of internationally recognised rules about the good agricultural, stockbreeding and aquacultural practice (GAP).

For clients and distributors, the certificate GlobalGAP guarantees that food meets the quality and safety levels, and that it has been produced under sustainability criteria, respecting the safety, hygiene and welfare of the workers and the environment, and also respecting animals.


The production processes of the agricultural companies, members of the S.A.T. OLÉ!, undergo a deep technical supervision about phytosanitary treatments, irrigation or fertilisation.. Periodically, water, leaf and soil analysis are carried out, in order to be aware of possible defaults of the growing.

The information obtained from each land, which is digitally registered, allows us to check anytime the history of the said growing and, at the same time, it is used as a basis for the system of traceability* of the product.

Once the product reaches the manipulation headquarters, the quality controllers carry out an exhaustive inspection about the appearance of the goods and the hygiene conditions of the vehicle.

*What is Traceability?

Traceability refers to the origin of the raw materials, the history of the processes applied to the product (during its growing and storage), the distribution and location of the product after delivery.

In OLÉ! we have been producers and traders for more than 5 years and we are aware of the need to offer to our clients a product with origin assurance and totally identified.



Currently working on the season of Artichoke.



Currently working on the season of Broccoli.


SAT OLÉ founding member of the association " Vega Baja del Segura Artichokes".



SAT OLÉ, Member of the Association of Elche Granada.



SAT OLÉ founding member of the association Artichoke Spain.



SAT OLé in fruit fair attraction Madrid 2016.




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